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GISC Officers
Karen J. Sealund
CEO & Treasurer
Karen has been with GISC since 1977 as a secretary and worked her way through the corporate structure, until she purchased the company with her partner Doug Morse in 1995. Karen oversees the Claims Department, Accounting Departments, COBRA Department and the general administration of the company.
Email: Karen Sealund
Douglas W. Morse
Doug has been with GISC since 1982 as an Account Executive in a large corporation in Vermont, shortly thereafter he relocated to New Hampshire and opened a satellite service office. In 1984 Doug began his underwriting career and worked his way through the corporate structure until he purchased the company with his partner Karen Sealund in 1995. Doug oversees the Underwriting Department, the Sales & Service Department and the Eligibility Department.
Email: Douglas Morse
Bucky Harris-Miller
Vice President
Bucky has been with GISC since 1982 and a Vice President since 1999. She is currently lending her expertise to our Auditing Department. Many of you will remember Bucky served as GISC’s Claim Manager for several years.
Email: Bucky Harris-Miller
Janet McMath
Vice President
Janet has been with GISC since 1976 and a Vice President since 1995. Her vast and complex duties include compliance, subrogation and overseeing the managed/coordinated care programs.
Email: Janet McMath
Sandra Bennett
Vice President
Sandra has been with us since 1974 and holds the seniority record for GISC. Sandy's longevity gives her a vast knowledge of all the departments at GISC. You will not hear from Sandra, unless you have an outstanding premium balance.
Email: Sandra Bennett
Rosemary Dennett
Vice President
Rosemary has been with GISC since 1985 and a Vice President since 1999. Rosemary heads up our client billing, HIPAA Administration, employee enrollment and eligibility department.
Email: Rosemary Dennett
Deborah Barros
Vice President
Debbie joined GISC in 1989 and became a Vice President in 1999. She manages our internal auditing department. Debbie files all claims in excess of the stop loss deductibles with various carriers.
Email: Debbie Barros
Andrea Morse
Cobra Administration
Andrea was hired in 1982 and has worked in most departments, including the mailroom, claim department and billing department. She now manages the COBRA department and ensures that our clients are in compliance.
Email: Andrea Morse
Daniel S. Jackson
Customer Service Manager
Dan is in charge of our newest department, Customer Service. This department was started in 1999. They are responsible for all the incoming calls from employees and providers with benefit and eligibility questions, pre-notifications, and claims status. The Customer Service team handles 13,000-16,000 calls a month.
Email: Daniel Jackson

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